Alisson began his dance career in Brazil at the age of thirteen and in the last ten years hasn’t looked back. . He has often been referred to as the “Master of Zouk in Perth” and is the founder and creator of “BRAZUKA DANCE”.  His initial regimented training in jazz, contemporary and other Latin and Brazilian styles have made him a flexible and strong dancer. He has performed at a variety of Congresses in Brazil such as Baila Floripa 2005, 2006, 2007 one of the biggest and most prestigious Dance Congresses held in Brazil. He joined the Juan Rando Dance Academy in Perth injecting his own Brazilian dance styles and electrifying the Perth Latin dance scene.  Among many styles he teaches primarily Brazilian Zouk, Samba de Gafieira, Forro, Salsa On1 and On2 and, Argentine Tango. He is also trained to teach Axe, Bolero, West Coast Swing and a variety of other Brazilian styles.  His skills not only include teaching dance, he is also a very talented Choreographer, Performer, Promoter and DJ. Already internationally acclaimed, Alisson is dedicated and passionate about his dance and has worked hard displaying enormous experience and ability, which has gained him much respect and admiration from his fellow teachers and his students. He is looking forward to the future and bringing his dance to the world.

Audrey is a recognized Brazilian Zouk dancer living and working in Perth Western Australia. Born in Reunion Island, she began to dance at the age of three, with a background in contemporary, ballet, jazz and Bharatanatyam (traditional Indian dance) and she has performed and danced with many different companies around Reunion. Audrey Isautier is a living credit to Alisson’s teaching skills. Through his dedication and her talent and ability she has become one of the best Zouk dancers and teachers in Australia.


Alisson and Audrey met at the Juan Rando Dance Academy where they have been dance partners for two years.  Together they deliver the best Brazilian Zouk, captivating their audiences. They are inspiring, talented and passionate about their teaching delivering to their dance students a fun class with clear and detailed instructions. They have a huge following in Perth and continue to attract new students to their classes. They have taught classes and workshops in various cities in Australia and overseas countries not only to teach but also to choreograph both Brazilian Zouk and introduce Samba de Gafieira.Alisson and Audrey have worked hard and look forward to continue to teach, perform, choreograph and promote their captivating dance styles in Australia and overseas.


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