Friday 27.3 Lunch


Fried fish (Pangas), boiled potatoes with butter

Breton roasted vegetables with butter and fresh herbs


Vegetarian: Breton roasted vegetables with butter and fresh herbs, potato

Corn on the cob - steamed (salty)


Dressing: 1) Herbs 2) French 3) Garlic

+Vegetable bowl 



Price and lunch reserve

1 or 2 meals = 7 euros or 200,- czk each

3 Meals = 5 euros or 140,- czk each


Hot and cold buffet.

Fresh food and quality for a special price.



Food ticket, will be sold in advance!!!!

You can order your Meal until the 7pm the previous day.

You can also reserve your Meals right now through our e-mail and receive your food tickets along with your full pass in reception. let us know if you are VEGETARIAN OR NOT.







Saturday 28.3 Lunch.


200g chicken steak on grill with fine creamy wild mushroom sauce


Vegetarian: Gratin mixed vegetables mix cheese and ? + fried tofu

Homemade potato mash

+Vegetable bowl 



Sunday 29.3 Lunch.


150g Beef goulash with Czech dumplings or rice

Vegetarian: Baked lasagne with spinach, cream, garlic and eggs

+Vegetable bowl 



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