Gilson Damasco was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ever since 1990, when he fell in love with this dance he has spent years of love and dedication to Lambada-Zouk. He was a pioneer in Lambada-Zouk in Argentina, in 1991 he made the first steps in transforming this dance to one of the most attractive and desired by Argentinians. As part of his project of expanding Lambada-Zouk to Europe he has given workshops and demonstrations in Spain, Great Britain, Germany etc. Gilson is well known by his clear explanation about techniques and the best way to lead a partner. Gilson is currently teaching Lambazouk with Natasha in Holland.


Natasha was born in Russia in 1986, is recognized as one of the conspicuous figures in the Salsa and Lambazouk dance scene in Spain in the last 5 years! Started with Ballet and Contemporary at the age of 4 years old, and has been performing, teaching and choreographing since.


Natasha and Gilson – talented Russian dancer with perfect spinning technique and one of the most experienced dancers in the world are sought after lambazouk teachers and are present at every lambazouk event. They have been teaching together in e.g. Brazil, Israel, Czech Republic, Argentina, Australia etc







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