Kakah joined in the dance world in 2009 and even keeping in focus the West Coast Swing, rhythm that currently dominates the slopes of ballroom dancing in Brazil, also fell in love with it by Zouk.



In 2011, she began to devote himself to it, thus beginning his career as a DJ producer, with more than 500,000 plays with remixes around the internet. Participates as a DJ at various congresses of West Coast Swing and Zouk in Brazil and around the world since 2012.



Recently held its first tour of Europe participating in renowned international conferences as Zouk Fest UK, Prague Congress Zouk, Zouk Prague Marathon, Zurich Zouk Congress and many others.


Internationally known with his remixes and productions Zouk, began his contact with music for over 10 years and has produced several international singers like Paul Mac, Zimous, Isac Martins and Lisa Li. Today is part of ZNL, a group that unites the best djs and producers of the world zouk.


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