Born in Portugal to parents from Mozambique and Angola, Ivo Vieira has devoted his life to spreading African and Latin-American dance throughout the world. Since 1998, Ivo has trained in Brazil, USA and throughout Europe brining his unique style, singular passion and unparalleled experience to hundreds of dancers. While working as a choreographer and dancer in various performances, festivals and events, Ivo has risen to become one of the world’s premier instructors in the African styles of Kizomba and Semba and recently Brazilian Zouk. With great respect for the traditions and history of these dances, Ivo brings his vast knowledge of the Afro-Latin idiom from around the world to expand and explore what they can become.

Ivo & his partner Shani currently live in the US where they  aspire to innovate and share their love of Zpuk and Kizomba around the world Together ,they have been  traveling , performing and teaching  all over the world . 



Shani Mayer Was born in Israel where she had classical dance training  and gymnastics from the age of 5. She has trained in Modern dance both in LA and NY and received her minor in dance performance in Los Angeles where she focused on modern ,contemporary and Jazz and has performed for and choreographed various ballet and modern companies in L.A . In 2006 she discovered Latin dance and fell in love with  Zouk Lambada in its home town of Porto Seguro.

Shani is the founder of L.A Zouk , and a pioneer to bring and spread Brazilian Zouk in the USA  .In 2013 she organized the 1st ever Zouk congress in the USA alowing the zouk scene to really flourish in the USA. Currently Shani had collaborated with partner and international kizomba teacher Ivo Vieira to bring the best of Brazilian Zouk and Kizomba to the world . Together, they have combined both their Classical and African backgrounds  to create their own unique style , have have been traveling and performing all over the world .

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