Renata Peçanha dubbed “the Queen of Zouk Lambada“ is the most well known female Zouk Lambada dancer in Brazil. She owns one of the most reputable dance academies in Rio de Janeiro – Núcleo de Dança Renata Peçanha. Renata worked with the Brazil’s premier dance academy – Escola de Dança Jaime Arôxa for 6 years as well. She has choreographed and danced for many reputable television shows and soap operas in Brazil. Every year she is organising many interesting Zouk Lambada events including the International Congress of Zouk Lambada in Rio de Janeiro. Needless to say that Renata Peçanha and her dance partner Jorge Peres are highly sought after instructors throughout Brasil and Europe.


Jorge Peres is a registered professional dancer with the Brazilian Association of Dança de Salão and is a highly versatile instructor and performer as well as Capoeirista. His repertoire includes a lot of dances such as Zouk Lambada, Salsa, Samba de Gafieira, Forró and many others. He is also untertaking training in Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary dance. A seasoned performer Jorge has danced in shows by some of Brazil’s most famous singers e.g. Tania Alvez, Marcello Furtado, Beth Carvalho etc. Jorge has also become a regular DJ at many popular dance hot spots throughout Rio de Janeiro.


Jorge Peres a Renata Peçanha have taught and performed for various dance events not only around Brazil but throughout the world as well - for example the International Prague Zouk Congress 2012, Moscow Samba and Zouk Congress 2012, they had workshops in London, Amsterdam and Russia. Their passion for dance is highly contagious. When they are dancing, they are enjoying every single step to the fullest. They will surprise you each time by their new playfull interpretation of music.



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