Kadu started Latin Dance when he was 15 years old in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He completed courses in samba rock, pagode, Brazilian zouk, samba no pe and ballet with some of the biggest companies in Sao Paulo including Jimmy de Oliveira’s company and academy. He also appeared in various famous television programs.

After building a reputation as one of the best young dancers in Sao Paulo, he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he returned to Jimmy’s school to teach and be part of his samba de gafieira company (one of the best samba de gafieira company in the World). He was also part of Alex de Carvalho teacher’s team and his Brazilian zouk & salsa company.

In 2007 Kadu was recognized as a dancer and instructor reference of the new generation of samba de gafieira and samba no pe in Brazil. With Larissa he was involved with various events extensively throughout Brazil, conducting workshops, choreographing and performing.


Larissa started dancing jazz, contemporary and ballet when she was 8 years old in Parana, Brazil. She was involved in festivals of contemporary and ballet and performed throughout Brazil competing in high profile festivals. At 17 years old the School of classic and contemporary dance of the Guaira Theatre recognized her as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. Following this, she moved to Rio de Janeiro to work at Youth Theatre Company of Rio de Janeiro, a ballet/contemporary company where she worked for 3 years.


In 2005 she started her studies in Latin dance and became part of Jimmy de Oliveira’s samba de gafieira company and Alex de Carvalho’s Latin dance company specialising in Brazilian zouk. She also started her solo career with Kadu Pires. Together they traveled throughout Brazil teaching and performing and quickly became recognized as one of the reference couples in Brazil.


Kadu and Larissa moved to Australia in 2007 to be part of Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy where they worked for 4 years.

A very significant accomplishment in their career occurred in 2012 when they found K&L Dance and K&L Dance Events. Today K&L Dance has more than 200 students, a fantastic team of instructors, regular dance parties and a motivated Student Team that represents K&L Dance performing in many Latin dance events around Australia.

Kadu and Larissa are World renowned Latin dance Professionals. They spend up to half of every year travelling internationally teaching, performing, choreographing and judging at some of the most important Latin Dance events and competitions worldwide. Since 2007 they have toured extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North and South America and have been key contributors towards raising the popularity of Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira on an international scale. As well as winning a number of competitions they have had several television appearances in Brazil and Australia including choreographing for So You Think You Can Dance Australia.




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