Leandro D'Oliviera, known as Wakko on the dance scene, was born in Rio de Janeiro and started dancing in 1993 when he was first introduced to urban dances, such as, Hip Hop, Funk Carioca etc. Since 1998 he has been studying dance professionally at "Centro de Dança Rio" where he specialized in Brazilian and Latin dances. Wakko began his professional career as a dancer in 1999, when he was only 17 years old and had to perform in front of the Carnaval Parade Commission. He has since gone on to perform with such Brazilian stars as Kelly Key, Latino, SNZ, Elza Soares, Xuxa etc. He started working as a choreographer in 2000, when he started the dance company “Conexão Arte Urbana”. In 2002 Wakko began to travel abroad as a professional dancer and choreographer. Since then he has been concentrating most of his energy on introducing Brazilian Zouk to the world. He visited as well Moscow where he met his dance partner Maria de Oliveira (Masha).

Masha born in Moscow, started dancing by the age of five when she got to the classes of elementary ballet where got technique of dancing and experience of performing to audiences. Two years later extended her dancing specialization by joining classes of Ballroom and soon started to use all thetechnique and experience in competitions, she became the winner of Championships in Russia, Ukraine and Czech Republic.



In 2004 stepped into till that moment unknown field. But without fear got quality of dancing on urban dances, such as Hip Hop and R&B style, Go-go, etc. Two years later found what supposed to be the "right" way on her dancing life and hit the latin dance. in 2009 got private and special qualification with Leandro D'Oliveira (Wakko). In 2010 their opened their own dance studio in Moscow - the BRAZUKA Dance Studio. in the year of 2011 they became the leaders on introducing for the first time brazilian zouk in CIS countries. They also participated in big congresses, as 2nd International Zouk Congress (Prague 2011), Zouk Congress (St.Petersburg 2010-2011), Vll Zouk Congress Galicia 




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