Lídio Freitas is excellent dancer, teacher and choreographer. He started dancing at the famous Escola de Dança Jaime Arôxa. Lídio has been working with Jaime Arôxa for over twelve years. In 2005 he graduated in Jaime Arôxa’s Teachers Course and joined Jaime Arôxa’s Dance Company. He performed in many shows choreographed by Jaime such as “Brasil – Uma Ópera Popular“ or “Señor Tango – El una noche music in Buenos Aires“ etc. Lídio studied  ballet (his teacher was Kaka Boamorte), stretching, prophylaxis and dance hall as well. His dance partner is Monique Marculado.


Unlike Lídio, Monique commenced her dance career in classical ballet, jazz and contemporary in 1994 and in 1999 was accepted into the Municipal School of Dance, Rio de Janeiro. It is worth saying that she studied at the Vaganova School of Dance in St. Petersburg, Russia, for two years. Afterwards her dance career followed the same direction like the one of her dance partner i.e. she began studying dança de salão at Centro de Dança Jaime Arôxa in 2005 and by 2006 was invited to join Jaime Arôxa’s renowned dance company.


Lídio and Monique are currently instructors at Jaime Arôxa’s academy but they have their own dance school in Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro too. They are very popular teachers throughout Brazil and off course they taught at Zouk Congresses throughout the world e.g. in Australia. Lídio and Monique are one of the most reputable dance couples. Their dance is full of love and passion.




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