Gabriel Torres better known by his Capoiera name Papagaio, was born in Fortaleza in Brazil. He's been pioneer in promoting Zouk music in Barcelona and there started to teaching Lambada-Zouk too. He became quite fast one of the foremost teachers and DJs of Lambada/Zouk in Barcelona and throughout Spain. Except being excellent lambazouk dancer, Gabriel is dedicated Capoiera dancer, a trained Physiotherapist and qualified Method Pilates practitioner as well. His dance partner is Olaya Dendê.


Olaya was born in Barcelona (Spain)in 1985 and from 4 years old, dancing has always been in her life. In 2000 she fell in love with the world of Brazilian dance, so immediately she started performing and also teaching. At present she combines her studies at university with a professional dance course in classical, contemporary and jazz.


Olaya and Papagaio are teaching together lambazouk in Barcelona and not even there but all around the world. They gave workshops in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Porto Seguro or Buenos Aires. They have been involved in organizing the DansaBrasil Lambada-Zouk Congresses in Barcelona too. They are performing Brazilian shows in cultural events throughout Spain. Olaya and Papagaio are passionate dancers who radiate warmth, energy and inspiration wherever they go.






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