Dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance zouk, samba de gafiera, samba no pe, salsa, forro, bolero and others. William is one of the most famous Zouk instructors in the world and his name missing on almost any zouk Congress in Brazil. It is known for its unparalleled style, original variations and distinctive styling. Own dance studio in Rio de Janeiro, which is aimed at ballroom dancing and outside it still teaches at two other schools in Rio.



William started dancing together in 2006 at the Center Dance Alex de Carvalho, where he later taught as well. After two years he worked in the Brazilian city of Londrina in school Ritt School of Dance, and was also part of the group Cia Ritt, where he studied ballroom dancing, ballet and jazz.


Besides many conferences throughout Brazil, he had a tour of the congresses in Russia, in many parts of Europe, Dubai and Australia.


He danced in several TV shows in Brazil and has successfully placed many competition Zouk:


2012 - III International Congress of Zouk and Lambada (RJ) - Location: 1st place


2011 - Championship Zouk Capital (DF) - Location: 2nd place


2010 - II International Congress of Zouk and Lambada (RJ) - Location: 2nd place



She is the owner of the studio Entre Passos Dance Studio, where she teaches Brazilian dances and zouk. She studied journalism at the University Gama Filho, but her dance studies began mating dance to zouk specializing in school Centro de Dança Renata Peçanha in 2008. Since April 2011, is a dance partner William Teixeira.



Taught at festivals around the world: New Generation Zouk, Zouk Capital, Ilha do Zouk, III International Congress and Lambada Zouk, Zouk Explosion Workshop, Workshop Art Noble, Congress & Cia Samba Zouk, Zouk in Motion, New Zealand Pacific Salsa Congress, Summer Zouk in Zouk Rio 2013 7th in Motion, Baila Costa, II Russian International Zouk Congress Prague.



Participation in championships


2011 - Championship Zouk Capital (DF) - Location: 2nd place.

2012 - III International Congress Zouk Lambada and (RJ) - Location: 1st place.

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