Xandy Liberato, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, is a good example of how dance is much more than a combination of steps.

Not only does he activate every muscle in his body, he moves every fibre in his heart and soul.

He is currently combining his classes around the world with the co-direction of the Contemporary Dance Company Mou Dansa, where he is choreographer as well as dancer.


His original and creative choreographies combine the essence of traditional Brazilian dances and how they have evolved over time,distinguishing him









Evelyn's career started as in case of so many artists with „exceptionally gifted bodies“, of course, in her early childhood, to be precise with six years. She started with the rhythmic gymnastics, a discipline where, among other things, you learn to form out of your body and extremities a nice pretzel.


Such ability was surely right also for the street dance that she was concerned with during her whole school years. She acted in a show dance team and worked out diverse choreographies.

During the following years she added other dances to her repertoire as salsa, modern dance, ballroom dancing and flamenco.


2007 she met for the first time zouk and henceforth it was decided: zouk became her absolute passion.

Evelyn has her own special art of moving and interpreting the music: very sensual, smooth and fluent.

She worked with ceveral great zouk teachers like Pasty, Mafie zouker and Adilio Porto over the years.

She travels the world to teach her knowledge about the zouk!


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